C SQUARES - Team building games, the new and improved broken squares puzzles for teaching Social Emotional Learning [SEL], cooperation, communication, enhancing (EI) emotional intelligence, non-cognitive behavior, improving employee performance and collective bargaining.
"The first step towards success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself."

Michael Caine

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A team building activity that's a fun game to play, C Squares enhances emotional intelligence, builds trust, models cooperation, improves group patterns of interpersonal communication, teaches collective bargaining, compromise and successful negotiation. C Squares are an effective means to improving employee performances through group process and demonstrate a problem solving metaphor. Like traditional jigsaw puzzles C Squares are a fun game that promotes learning, laughter and practical non-cognitive life skills.  Read more

C Squares ® are an effective mind-mapping means of team building and teaching negotiation and collective bargaining as well as all important soft skills like emotional intelligence. The Complete Training Kit has many applications. One purpose of this team building exercise is improving employee performances.  Another is using teamwork and group process to improve academic performance, competitive advantage and ability in sports by providing an experiential edge. C Squares illuminate those repetitive patterns of unproductive behavior that result in dis-functional mental maps. C Squares® are also unique among team building activities for by improving employee performances they provide professionals and practitioners alike with hands-on validation for normative behavioral change. C Squares® are the sensible choice among team building exercises.  Time is a limited resource where a teams success is marked by communication and emotionally intelligent choices. Employ this team building game every time the need for supervision, improving employee performances and recurrent training coincides. Think of C Squares before negotiation breaks down. An alternative to verbal collective bargaining sessions these manipulative learning tools are the way to go. Indestructible, easy to use and sensibly priced they ought to be the next team building activity you include in your training package. Those human tragedies captured in all too familiar headlines containing accounts of environments rapidly changed or work places stressed to the breaking point, can be averted by acts of compassionate ‘creativity’. "We may not have it all together, But together we have it all." Environments are made more, not less safe, when people living or working in them, learn by means of collaborative action  to see, feel and experience how they need one another.

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